The Thinking Woman's Diary

The Siren's Call...

Written: 8th Dec 2017  | Last Updated: 8th Dec 2017


Image: NPR

Honolulu is a really fun place. As the welcoming point for most travellers to the glorious islands of Hawaii, it offers a happy and upbeat introduction to Hawaiian life, history, food and culture. It ticks all the boxes. Big hotels tower above the beaches, dramatic Diamond Head impresses, the Pacific Ocean beckons, tourists from all over the world and all walks of life soak up the sun and holiday atmosphere together. Romantics, cynics - they’re all there, riding the wave of Aloha.

But the real Hawaii, so often referred to rather wistfully, cannot be found by the swimming pools, in the malls or in the bars of Honolulu - you have to experience this special kind of life by travelling to, and spending at least a few weeks on, Molokai, Kauai or the Big Island, for example, to catch the vibe and get into the rhythm of what it really means to be really Hawaiian. 

There’s lots of talk about the spirit of Aloha, and in certain pockets of these other quieter, less commercially exploited islands, that spirit comes to you, and fills you with an extraordinary sense of inner peace, allowing for self-discovery and regeneration that, if you’re actually listening and taking it all in, will enhance your life for the rest of it. Islands, generally, work a lot of magic all on their own, but with the added soul, spirituality and warmth of Hawaiians added in, this experience takes you to a new level of wonder and love.

And now, the saddest news: this paradise has just reinstated (as of December 1st) its monthly Attack Warning Tone (a siren tone not used since the Cold War). Because of the increasing threat of an incoming North Korean ballistic missile carrying a nuclear warhead, the serenity of Hawaii’s islands will be interrupted.

Let’s all pray it’ll only ever be for testing.