The Thinking Woman's Diary

Fish & Chips...

Written: 19th Mar 2015  | Last Updated: 20th Mar 2015

It’s incredible how much fish & chips can satisfy! Even if they’re not anything out of the box, or newspaper, whichever the wrapper may be, they seem to carry along with them all sorts of happy childhood memories of seaside holidays and sand between your toes. 

It doesn’t matter if they’re gourmet fare or average...that lump of fish (shark or snapper), those chunky chips (hand-cut or not) and the odd potato scallop (crunchy or soft) all meld together to make your mouth water and your belly rejoice. 

Such was the case in the New South Wales fishing town of Eden. We’d been enjoying a lovely week-long campervan trip along the coast between Melbourne and Sydney, and decided to stop at this pretty little haven for lunch. We selected a busy fish shop fronting the carpark by the water, and checked the chalkboard for what might be good. For some reason, no matter where we are, and despite an inevitable list of specials (squid/crustaceans/pineapple), we always stick with the same order: fried fish & chips for two plus two potato scallops. No salt or vinegar, but tomato sauce and lemon if available. Simple as that.

After what seemed a long wait (it’s always l-o-n-g when you’re hungry!), the boxed fish & chips were passed across the counter to our eager hands. We walked along the attractive path hugging the harbour and found a vacant bench. Resident seagulls strutted about, keen to get in first if we dropped anything (not likely!). 

It was a classic Aussie fish & chip moment: idyllic setting, good tucker, gull-squawk soundtrack and the bobbing of boats at docks and on moorings. It was postcard perfect.

Honestly, what more could you ask for here in the Lucky Country?