The Thinking Woman's Diary


Written: 13th Nov 2015  | Last Updated: 13th Nov 2015


Light. It shines the way. It takes away fear. It gives life. It stimulates our minds. It feeds our spirits. Light is energy, it is power, it is a connecting force that allows us, as humans, to build ourselves up, and make ourselves healthy and well.

As sunlight enters us, through our skin, through our eyes, our bodies and brain react positively. The charge is like electricity. It is transformational. It shifts restores our inner force.

It matters if the light is artificial or natural. Natural is the key. Sunlight is king, but even starlight and moonlight impact upon our psyches, giving a boost to our juices.

For a moment, forget your sunscreen...forget your hat...stand fully in the brightest sunlight you can find and FEEL. Your senses quiver, your eyes absorb, your mind begins to cruise at a perfect contemplative altitude, your heartbeat slows to a welcome lub-dub. This is where restoration begins. 

Without light, we wither. Without light, we lose our shape and direction; our once certain thoughts begin to morph into doubts, we linger and hope for the clouds to part, for our bright, life-giving light to return once more. In its beam is where we flourish.